Do business on the world's largest developer platform

With 42 million users and counting, GitHub is the world's largest and most active developer community. GitHub pages get more exposure than other leading marketplaces combined!

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GitHub, the world's largest developer platform
Sell directly from your GitHub pages

Sell premium content & services from your GitHub pages

Set your own pricing and terms, and get paid instantly. freshbits handles payment, delivery and reporting for you, and integrates transparently into any Git based development pipeline.

Its as easy as putting a widget in your README file. Or, use one of our professionally designed page templates to create a great customer experience.

Distribute using private NPM, RubyGems, and Git channels

No more old-fashioned download links! freshbits gives you the power to distribute premium content from your GitHub repositories using NPM, RubyGems, and Git channels.

Customers purchase and subscribe to your product and service offerings then download your private content using their favorite package manager.

No other marketplace or payment platform does that for you.

It works just like your hosted Git repo

Your customer recruitment pipeline

How it works

Create product & service offers

Connect your GitHub and freshbits accounts, select the repository content that you want to share, then create your product and service offers.

Make your content accessible for free or by paid subscription. Configure your NPM, Gems or Git based distribution settings.

Update your GitHub page

Add your new product and service offers to your GitHub pages. Use our ready-made badges in your repository README. Or, create a custom GitHub page from one of our professionally designed templates.

Once your page is up, users can start purchasing directly from you.

Connect with customers & sell

Customers purchase your offers directly on your GitHub pages, then download and install using their preferred package manager.

Use the freshbits dashboard and customer lists to monitor your acquisition funnel and customer activity. Build relationships with your clientele through lifecycle and event driven communications.

Start now!

Starter Pro

Launch a new business with minimum fuss. Open up your first GitHub shop in five minutes or less. Upgrade to Pro whenever you're ready.

Claim your spot in the world's largest marketplace for technical content & services. Find new customers and deliver exceptional service.

  • Sell premium content and services from your GitHub repos
  • Generate instant product pages using professionally designed templates
  • Sell or share up to 250MB of content, with 1TB of data transfer per month *
  • 12% transaction charge on sales
  • Sell premium content and services from your GitHub repos
  • Generate instant product pages using professionally designed templates
  • Integrate with third party services like SalesForce, Zapier and MailChimp
  • Share and sell up to 1TB of content, with 50TB data transfer per month *
  • Enterprise API
  • 6% transaction charge on sales
$ 0
per month USD (billed annually)
$ 50
per month USD (billed annually)
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Features and pricing subject to change. Starter and Pro plans include a limited quanity of file storage and data transfer per month. Additional storage and data transfer may be purchased as required at specified rates.


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